by Counselling

Kelowna is a beautiful place to live but it is hard to appreciate the daily things in our lives when we are struggling with depression. Let’s say that after years of working for a company you are laid off or get fired. You would feel sad, tired and emotionally drained. You would probably feel sadness for a few days or more as you deal with the difficult feelings and adjust to the changes. But what if the sadness lasts for more than a few weeks and you start noticing that it is affecting your life in a big way.

The onset of depression can happen after a significant loss, during life changes or we may just notice a chronic low grade energy that is negatively impacting our lives. We may have started to turn away from the activities or daily practices in our lives that made us feel better. We can’t just snap out of depression or make it go away but we can get the professional help, support and guidance we need to get to our next better step. Contact Annette Adkin (Counsellor in Kelowna)