More peace

I have been working with Annette for a few months now. My family was concerned with my anger issues and I was frustrated with continuous conflict.

Annette helped me understand triggers, perception and to question why and what it really means. I now evaluate rather than react. My home is more peaceful and I feel closer to my wife and children.

I strongly recommend Annette Adkin.

Struggled with alcohol and low self esteem

Annette was an instrumental person in my life. I was struggling with an alcohol problem and had such low self esteem. She felt safe and I could talk with her about anything. I slowly started taking steps in my recovery and I stopped letting myself down. She believed in me when I had a hard time believing in myself. She helped me see things from my childhood that didn’t help me cope and deal with my feelings. I learned ways to cope and I built a better support group. It wasn’t easy and I fell down but managed to keep getting up. I now have my first year clean. Thank-you for everything!!

Eternally grateful

Annette has been very helpful to my kids and myself as a counsellor. She has many qualities which make her a natural at what she does. Her authentic, caring, kindness and compassionate ways when actively listening to our issues helped us to develop a trusting client/counsellor relationship which made us feel safe when discussing difficult issues and feelings. We always felt that our feelings were acknowledged with no judgement but with genuine care and concern for our well being! Thank-you Annette for all of your encouragement, support, knowledge and teaching that you have provided myself and my children. We are eternally grateful for all of your words of wisdom, patience with us and the practical tools you have given us to cope with life on life’s terms.



Let’s start with a definition of fear: fear is both the cause and effect of feelings, thoughts, or actions that get in the way of you accepting yourself and realizing your full potential.

In other words, fear has one job which is to keep you safe from not feeling “good enough,” “smart enough,” “lovable enough,” etc. How fear protects us from these feelings rising to the surface, however, often guarantees that you will feel the emotions you are trying to avoid.

If we didn’t learn to soothe ourselves and deal with anxiety/feelings through healthy attachments and by addressing issues directly, we may have some unhealthy patterns. If we cope with unwanted feelings by overreacting, discounting any success, avoidance, substance use, etc., this leads to reinforcing our story of unworthiness.

Fear stands between you and your ability to go anywhere you like, do anything you really want and meet anyone you please. To help you feel safe, fear motivates you to hide your essential nature by getting in the way of expressing yourself truthfully.

Sometimes there is a crisis in life that gets you started on the journey from fear to freedom. Maybe you are sick of letting yourself down or listening to your own excuses. Perhaps you have had enough of never finding the courage to stand up for yourself or saying what’s really on your mind. It could be that you are through neglecting yourself or you are fed up of being walked on . . . whatever has brought you to this point, is your opportunity to create more freedom and align yourself with your authentic self.